#NoPretence (Produced Work - Brand Introduction Campaign)

About: John Jacobs is an unpretentious fashion eyewear brand that offers luxury-quality eyewear at fair prices to appeal to value-conscious buyers of today.

Insight: People are pretentious on social media

Idea: An introductory video series that sets the stage for the brand's unpretentious personality. Each video in this series will call out one relatable pretentious aspect of today's social media generation. 

Benefit to the Brand: Positioned John Jacobs Eyewear as a thought-leading lifestyle brand that believes in unpretentiousness and absolute transparency.
Brand Manager: Punya Vats Art Directors: Yatin Bhatia and Ayan Mukherjee Copywriter: Sanchayika Mathur

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Planning, preparing, and posting social media content daily.

Team: Ayan Mukherjee, Yatin Bhatia, Punya Vats